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Welcome to MavensTech

MavensTech is a digital solutions company that develops unique and innovative apps to advance your business in the modern world. Our team of experts across the digital and payments industries spark ideas from designing custom-branded apps to developing market-specific solutions.

Mavenstech Interfaces

Our creativity empowers us to develop effective and meaningful solutions. From business advancement to everyday improvement, we can help.

Powerful Technology
We create dynamic and relevant mobile solutions. By integrating cutting-edge development platforms and technologies, we make everyday operations simple and intuitive.
Digital Solutions
MavensTech is a leading provider of full-service technologies. We combine our expertise and technology to deliver streamlined solutions for businesses and their customers.
Industry Leaders
Our team consists of top developers, designers, and innovators passionately applying our talents and entrepreneurial spirits towards building mobile functionality for all.

Our creativity empowers us to develop effective and meaningful solutions. From business advancement to everyday improvement, we can help.

Featured Solutions

daygot interfaces

Your Restaurant’s Own App


DayGot is the complete custom-branding and mobile ordering solution to help your restaurant advance and thrive in our digital age. We provide you with a custom-made app that includes a professional and stylish design, the tools you need to manage your restaurant portably, and the essential functionality and support for your everyday operations. As we continue to grow and develop, so will your digital presence– that is our promise. For more information, please visit

Stand-Out Design
We create a custom-branded mobile app to fit your restaurant’s unique identity by using a responsive and intuitive UI/UX design.

All the Tools
Our experts in the payments and technological industries make your ordering process quick, easy, and secure.

The New Essentials
Our continuous release process ensures that your app stays ahead of the times.

Bus Map

Bus Tracking and Safety


Bus Map is the must-have solution to keep our schoolchildren safe and accounted for. This complete digital solution enables schools, bus companies and parents to monitor all bus activity with free app-to-app communication, real-time GPS tracking & updates, and integrated student safety features & protocols. See what it can do for you at

Simply Convenient
Save time and stress by streamlining the transportation process, locating students and various bus routes on any mobile device.

Stay Connected
Our bus tracking and location services will ease your worries about your children’s whereabouts.

The Right Technology
Efficient app-to-app technology lets the bus driver app share its exact GPS location to the parent apps.

bus map splash screen

Locals is a subscription – based service provider for you to get all of your chores done.  Local businesses are used to complete the services you require, making it easier to support your community’s economy all on your mobile device. The best part is that you can manage all your services in one place. Sign up for more info at

Your Package
Pick the services that you want automated to get all your chores done without breaking the bank.

The Right Timing
Our top-rated service providers will work with your schedule to get things done on your time.

Support Your Locals
Boost your local economy by supporting the tried-and-true businesses around your area.


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